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If you are a woman, ready to transform your life and dive deeper into your personal growth, true physical and mental health and happiness journey, you are in the right place.


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What people are saying...

"Coco's Yoga Classix is an excellent resource for relaxation and building body strength. Coco’s approach is exceptionally calming and inspiring. The exercises are rejuvenating and promote a feeling of total peacefulness. I will recommend this to others for sure"!

Jenny Dyall, Ottawa, Canada

"It's easy to follow Coco's teaching instructions and one can feel results immediately! I enjoy a much better body feeling, I am more calm and relaxed and I see my fat depots melt away"!

Billy Feistmantl, Owner Green Sisters Natural Health and Beauty, Canada

"Coco has the most soothing voice which enhances the meditation and relaxation factor enormously!"

Susan W., Petaluma, California

“Corina is a very passionate and an inspiring raw food coach. She brings enthusiasm and incredible breadth of knowledge to the learning process. Corina has special talents and can connect with her clients deeply. Her approach is warm and understanding yet fully professional. She knows how to get results with her clients. I have a lot more energy and feel so much better eating more raw food since being coached by Corina. She was brilliant giving me quick solutions to incorporate in my busy daily which gave me amazing result. If you want to live a happier and healthier life and make lasting change, I highly recommend Corina as your coach.”

Sue from Melbourne, Australia

"I have recently completed 3 coaching sessions with Corina. Knowledgeable and inspirational, she has been instrumental in transforming my daily habits and mindset, allowing me to see genuine change. I feel thankful for being given the opportunity to work with her."

Pamela from Perth, Australia

“Corina is a very professional, skilled and talented Coach.  Her multi-disciplinary approach and flexible attitude gives her an edge above others in her field in achieving long-lasting results.  Corina was able to guide me through a difficult time I was experiencing and helped me gain a great deal of clarity around a particular issue I had been struggling with for some time.  I would highly recommend Corina to anyone seeking to achieve a higher level of transformation in their lives".

Fiona J Lindsay, Victoria, Australia

"I was thrilled to be able to go through a 3 month session with Corina as my Coach. She has a gift for getting to the issues that are important! My dilemma was wanting to work on too many issues at once, but she was able to get ME to realize which steps to take and  that I need to take “baby steps” which took a lot of pressure away from me. I also appreciate her supportive and positive attitude. I think anyone working with Corina will benefit greatly!”

Arlene, 108 Mile Ranch, British Columbia

"Corina is very knowledgeable in health & nutrition and I was able to get into a habit of eating more healthy foods & exercising on a regular basis; something I was not able to do on my own in the past. She inspired me to live a  healthier life. I have given up dairy and now I make my own homemade almond milk, instead, and I eat a lot more fruits & raw vegetables! She has a great sense of humor, too!”

Kaoru M., San Francisco, California

"Corina has a very confident yet gentle approach. She has a wealth of knowledge in regards to nutrition and health, with a clear specialty in regards to raw food.  Her coaching supported me through my first juice cleanse and my decision to introduce raw food into my diet. I am very grateful for her encouragement. She assisted me in getting my health and energy back on track.  I highly recommend her coaching  to anyone who is ready to transform their health and embrace their happiness within. Excellent!”

Izabella J., Australia

"The moment I connected with Corina, I knew that Corina walked her talk. She lives and breathes health and happiness and desires that for all that come into contact with her. Corina's professionalism and passion to help me get connected with some of the barriers that were holding me back have been inspirational and actionable. I love Corina's accent and playfulness about living life and being really able to push your boundaries. Corina told me about her drive to push herself a little further with her fitness and surpass her own limits...I got from Corina that our bodies are so much more stronger than we seem to think and that once we push past the thoughts of limitation we can be limitless." 

Ayfer Donmez, Melbourne, Australia


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